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Charles R. Moore

  • Pvt. Wilson John Moore:


26th Regiment, Co. D. (O'neals Alabama Infantry) Born May 18, 1835, Spartenburg, S.C. Died November 29, 1888 Pickens County AL. Buried Bethel Cemetery, Pickens County, AL. Enlisted December 7, 1861. Captured October, 1864.

  • Pvt. George Alexander Morgan:


41st Alabama Infantry Co. D. Died 1864. Buried Morgan Cemetery, Pickens County.

  • Pvt. Benjamin Franklin Williams:
2nd Alabama Cavalry, Co. D. Born October 21, 1829 Dublin, Ireland. Died July 4, 1863 Aberdeen, Mississippi on "active duty" as soldier of CSA. Buried Jennings Chapel Cemetery, Northport, AL. Enlisted March 22, 1862.
  • Pvt. James Robert Sutton


Mead's Confederate Cavalry (Mead's Regiment of Partisan Rangers) Born April 10, 1840, Madison County, AL. Died April 7, 1928 Tuscaloosa, AL. Buried Jennings Chapel Cemetery, Northport, AL. Enlisted January 25, 1864. Subsequently in March 1865, completed companies were organized as 25th Battalion Alabama Cavalty and 27th Battalion Tennessee Cavalry. These were the Confederate Irregular Warfare Units of 1861 - 1865.