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In Memory of
Gerald Harris
1951 - 2006
 Pvt. Gerald Harris




was a man of Integrity, the type of man who felt honor and pride for his country and was not afraid to fight for that of which he believed in; a man who loved his family, friends, and his brothers at arms, and shared his respect and passion for history with every person he came in contact with.


Though he is gone on now, his legacy shall ne’er be forgotten nor his Great Spirit and infectious smile. I never knew him to be discouraged or unhappy. He always brought light into that troubled time in every man’s life when dark clouds loom ever so closely overhead.


Gentlemen, I believe that that is the sort of men that will be welcomed into the glorious gates of heaven, and I believe he is there now, watching over us with his same ol humble grin, at our meetings, and our battles, marching alongside his men “fighting the good fight” with his boys whom he loved so dearly. He has profoundly impacted us all and even though he marches in Gods army now, somehow ol Squirrel is still making us laugh and cry and always see the sunny side of life.


He was a man among men, as if a tree planted upon the banks of the river, though short and skinny, but with strong roots that run deep into the rich southern soil; a soldier of wisdom and compassion and perhaps the greatest man I and many others have ever met WE MISS YOU BROTHER.


“I got everything packed but my Taters and Cornmeal”

(Perhaps the last words spoken before his death)





Feb. 05, 2008


A Memorial service was held Saturday May 09, 2009, for Gerald Harris.
Below are pictures from that service.