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Reenactment Form


PRINT the following form and return to


Gen. John Herbert Kelly

Camp 1980 S.C.V.

P. O. Box 173

Gordo, AL 35466




I ________________________________________ do solemnly promise and affirm


that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Ala-Sippi Rifles, that I will serve it


honestly and faithfully, that I will observe and obey all orders of the officers


appointed over me according to the rules and regulations of the Company.


I declare that I am ____ years of age and know of no impediment to my serving


honestly and faithfully as a soldier in this Company. I also promise and comfirm


that I shall hold neither any person in this Company nor any property owners


responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur while participating in any


functions of the Ala-Sippi Rifles.



Signed   _____________________________________


Address  _____________________________________




Phone     (______)________________