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Frankie Cabaniss

  • Pvt. Rasmus C. Cabaniss,
  Born 1838
  Listed in the 38th TN Infantry Regiment Co. "G" (The Tuscaloosa  Ploughboys)
  Died Nov. 25, 1862 at Camp Abbington, TN

Company G, 38th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
Tuskaloosa Plow Boys

The Tuskaloosa Plow Boys were organized during June 1861, with J. J. Mayfield as elected captain. While in camp, they came down with the measles. Because of this the regiment they were originally suppose to join had left, and the only regiment left at the camp was the 38th Tennessee Regiment. This is the reason they were never listed in an Alabama regiment.

They served at Fort Donelson, TN; the Battle of Shiloh; Chickamauga; and the Battle of Atlanta.


  • Pvt. L. G. Honeycutt (Hunnicutt)
Died April 07, 1863
Buried somewhere around Manchester, TN with the "usual masonic honors"
41st Alabama Infantry Co. G
  • Captain James N. White

41st Alabama Infantry Co. G